Blogging isn't the easy, sit-at-home-in-your-pajamas job it is often portrayed as. But there are instances, taken individually, that make that assertion difficult to disprove. Take yesterday. A 700-plus word, thoughtful essay on the necessity for better transparency laws in Virginia took quite some time and research to complete. Blogs aren't all snark and diatribe. Good ones aren't, anyway. Multiply that by multiple posts a day and cross-posting over several social media platforms, and you've got a lot of responsibility on your hands. Then there was last night. I get these e-mails from the crazy aunt that I normally delete straightaway. There was nothing especially enticing about the subject line of her latest, but I opened it anyway. It simply said that I had to hear the song at the link provided, so I did. I now have today's blog post.

Now, go back to Friday's post about the rising entitlement culture among college students. This hilarious Tim Hawkins song about government dependency, "The Government Can (see lyrics)," should be their anthem (see Douglas Goodman at It's a parody of the Sammy Davis, Jr., 1970s hit, "The Candy Man." Yes, blogging can be easy!

Version one, live, particularly funny for Hawkins' ad libs and dancing:

"Who can take your money? With a twinkle in their eye? Take it all away and give it to some other guy? The government can!"

Version two, a studio produced video with more than five million YouTube views, is hysterical for its effects and animation:

"Who can give a bailout? Tell us to behave? Make the Founding Fathers roll over in their graves? The government can!"

P.S. I love the very beginning: "Hey everybody! Gather 'round! I'm here to give you anything you like! You want free college, money, mortgages?! Whatever you like!" It's right out of what those college students' demands (and this song was written a couple of years ago). Then there's the line, ". . . throw away the Constitution!" Again, how prescient. See this post from last week.