Earlier today, Governor Bob McDonnell signed the ultrasound bill into law. After weeks of vicious rhetorical attacks by abortion industry apologists and multiple staged rallies at the capitol, a bill that simply updates the Commonwealth's popular informed consent law with modern medical practice and technology is set to become law on July 1.

Please click here to thank Governor McDonnell for signing the legislation.

Be prepared for what promises to be an extreme and hysterical reaction from those who have been instigated by the out-of-control rhetoric that has gripped the capitol recently. Knowing no boundaries, abortion apologists in the legislature and media have ridiculed law enforcement, mischaracterized the legislation, and stirred up frenzy among "Occupy Richmond" followers. The real embarrassment for Virginia is that people have actually believed what they've heard in the media and been influenced by ridiculous Saturday Night Live skits and pathetic so-called comedians posing as journalists.

As we said in our e-mail alert and documented on this blog yesterday, legislators are being attacked with hate-filled e-mails that are so vile and threatening, the Capitol Police have been notified. The "reasoned" and "thoughtful" veil has been torn off the abortion industry and its supporters.

In particular, Delegate Kathy Byron (R-22, Lynchburg), the patron of the ultrasound bill Governor McDonnell signed today, has been the focus of some of the most viscous attacks. We are particularly grateful for her perseverance and commitment to making sure this bill became law, despite the relentless attacks. She has stood strong during difficult floor speeches and questioning by abortion industry defenders, media attacks, hate mail and more.

Please click here to send an e-mail to Delegate Byron thanking her for her courageous stand for life! (If that link does not work, copy and paste her e-mail address into your own e-mail program: DelKByron@house.virginia.gov.)

More people are becoming pro-life every day because modern technology, such as ultrasounds, allow us to see what couldn't be seen 30 years ago when abortion was determined to be legal. The abortion industry fears that a woman might see the unborn for what they are and make a different choice, which means less money in the industry's coffers, and that is exactly what the opposition to this bill has always been about.

Today's action by Governor McDonnell is a victory for women's health and for the pro-life cause, which are not mutually exclusive. Protecting women from abortion "doctors" who take no time with their patients outside of doing the procedure, and who are more interested in the bottom line than the health of women, is pro-life! Providing women with all the information about their unborn child so they can make the most informed "choice" is pro-woman. We are pleased this important legislation now will become law.