Tomorrow is primary day in Virginia. But there was a little problem on the way to Super Tuesday: Only Mitt Romney and Ron Paul qualified for the ballot via Virginia's petition process. Write-ins are not allowed, which means no Newt or Rick. With all that as backdrop, who are you voting for — and why? Let us know. Is it because you like one of the candidates, resigned that one will be the nominee, or will you vote for one to stop another in lieu of your preferred candidate not making it on the ballot? Or, will you not vote at all, either out of protest or disinterest? Or will you go to the booth and not pull the lever, which will record a voter on the registrar's rolls, but not a vote — a protest vote of none of the above.

Even with a limited field, then, there are choices. There have been lots of rumors of subterranean voter plots, although we haven't heard of any organized movement. Disinterest, if anything, seems to lead the unofficial polls. The remaining field of four has inspired only modest interest in primaries where all were on the ballot. So with only two of them on the ballot in Virginia, and almost no campaigning or advertising here to excite the base, activity has been almost non-existent. Some voters, who previously expressed disappointment in the field and intention not to vote, now say with so many delegates at stake to nominate someone to run in the most important election in our lifetime, will vote.

It may not be the most exciting times in Virginia presidential political history — the biggest splash may have been an appearance last week by a non candidate, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, who drew a record crowd of 1,800 people at House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's annual breakfast (see Richmond Times-Dispatch and — but the ironic permutations of tomorrow's vote make it no less interesting.

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