Let's give the Mainstream Media some credit. At least some of them. More and more, so-called journalists, while not admitting a certain bias to the left, are openly tipping their hands. Although there have been some exposure of their pretense of objectivity in the past, two stunning examples in recent days illustrate exactly how rampant partisanship is in the Fourth Estate. The first example proves the bias isn't confined to the national media. About two weeks ago, several "journalists" in Wisconsin were discovered to have signed the petition seeking conservative Governor Scott Walker's recall (see  Joel B. Pollak at Breitbart.com's Big Journalism Blog), in violation of every journalism ethics code, including the ones they agreed to upon their employment. (Yes, hard to fathom, but the media, print and electronic, do institute thorough ethical guidelines. Interpretation and enforcement may be another question.) It just goes to show that "journalists" can affect events by means other than their "reporting." You may remember a couple of years ago hundreds of members of the media were caught having made campaign contributions to Democrats in various campaigns. Some of the offenders were from Virginia and at least one lost his job.

More significant, however, may be yesterday's drooling love-fest displayed by Dean Singleton, chairman of the Associated Press board, as he introduced President Obama to the AP's assemblage of editors and other guests. It's apparent Mr. Singleton bought into the mystical powers of Mr. Obama's mysticism (lowering the ocean levels and the like) and doesn't contemplate seeking his change. Seriously, his drooling and slobbering is horribly embarrassing. He is so over-the-top, he can't see the every day people who consume his product. He's alone, smug, is his own strata, in absolute oblivion.

Daniel Halper has more at The Weekly Standard Blog. Hear it for yourself.

It gets harder and harder for the Mainstream Media to conceal its leftist bias. In fact, some apparently feel proud of it.