How can it be a "War on Women" when not all women agree on the issues that supposedly are "women's issues," not to mention disagreement on what issues constitute "women's issues"? Are the liberal brains who contrived such nonsense saying women are monolithic and that they all think exactly alike? If conservatives generalized about a specific group like that, wouldn't they be excoriated by the Mainstream Media? How can the Mainstream Media, ethically, continue to use, much less give credence to, such contrived, fallacious terms and phrases without admitting it is nothing more than an echo chamber for Far Left activists? Aren't more general issues, such as the higher rate of unemployment and housing foreclosures among women under the Obama administration, more important to women voters? With the Far Left stepping in it in the Hillary Rosen/Ann Romney flap, will the "war" finally conclude? Finally, what casualties, other than the truth, have there been in this so-called "war"?