Does this scare you?

What about this?

No?  I didn’t think it would.  But for some reason, legislators and pro-abortion activists are scared out of their minds over the thought that a woman might see these “traumatizing” ultrasound images.  Ridiculous?  We agree.

I encourage you to take four minutes to watch our most recent video, “Who’s Afraid of a Little Picture?” (click on the video below).  You’ll hear the outlandish lies spread by abortion apologists and the extremes to which they went to prevent (unsuccessfully) the ultrasound legislation from passing.  The content is so absurd, you may think we staged or edited these videos and photographs, but it is simply raw footage taken from Senate floor debate, committee hearings, and newspaper articles. You’ll hear a legislator claim that an ultrasound could cause a woman to commit suicide!  Or that the doctor performing an ultrasound could be guilty of sexual assault or worse, rape!  You’ll see an abortion activist who looks as if she’s about to take a swing at a police officer!  But don’t take my word for it, watch it here for yourself.  After you watch it, I’d encourage you to email it to your friends or share it on Facebook.  It is critical that these lies are exposed and that the truth be told.  Do your part to help.