The following is a recently received email forwarded to us by several legislators.  I’ll warn you that it is extremely disturbing:

Governor McDonnell:

Some months ago I contacted you and stated that should you sign into law a bill requiring an ultrasound before an abortion I would immediately begin efforts to become pregnant and would self-induce an abortion without an ultrasound or any other type of medical care in protest of the law. I am happy to announce that I was successful in becoming pregnant and, two days ago, in self-inducing an abortion. This in protest of the hypocritical Republicans who claim to be the party that wants to limit intrusive government.



Rachel C. (Last name removed by TFF.)

Words can’t adequately address this situation but it begs the question: is this acceptable to the abortion industry?  Is this what liberals in Richmond mean when they talk of empowering women?

Several years ago, legislation prohibiting the premeditated murder of a fetus by any form of self-induced abortion passed the House of Delegates but was defeated in the Senate Education and Health committee.  While it was introduced to address the situation of a woman who shot herself in the stomach on her due date, it would have also outlawed Rachel’s egregious actions in the email above. The abortion industry vehemently opposed the legislation arguing that it infringed on women’s “reproductive freedom.”

Let’s be clear, the above email is not someone who “found themselves” pregnant and faced the “burden” of an unwanted child.  This is someone who claims to have intentionally created a human child for the specific purpose of killing him or her.

Today, we’d like to know from NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and the Women’s Strike Force whether or not they are comfortable with the scenario described in the above email?  Will they condemn this woman’s action?