Has this what it's come to? What a difference four years makes! Then, it was the young, very attractive Amber Lee Ettinger who became an Internet and media sensation as the "Obama Girl." Her youth and energy symbolized the rise of Obamaism — enthusiasm, hipness, celebrity, cult, bumper sticker mentality . . . emptiness. Three years later, having actually studied the issues, Ms. Ettinger is a conservative. But not to fear. The president's new found "evolution" into supporting same-sex marriage has endeared him to another budding Internet starlet. It's Brooklyn, New York's very own Justin Brown, and he is the Obama Boy. He's proud and very loud (see Bobby Eberle's The Loft at GOPUSA.com). Here are some of his lyrics:

Cuz I gotta a crush on Obama

I cannot wait for my soul mate

Barry you're the finest candidate

I can't wait to see you get hard on Romney in debate

Why don't you pick up your phone cuz

I got a crush on Obama

I cannot wait for my soul mate.

Barry you're the finest candidate.

Open, honest and out

That's what we're all about

Here's his video. While the "Obama Girl" video in 2008 helped bring Barack Obama to the attention to thousands of young voters and gave his campaign a certain early buzz, even cache among certain segments of the pop culture, Mr. Brown's video not only isn't likely to gain votes for the president, it may even lose him some. We report. You decide. Here's the video.

We wonder what Michelle thinks.