When the President of the United States, the leader of the greatest economic power in history, tells the world that people who create businesses and jobs and who invent new products and services did not do it by themselves or had significant government help along the way, we need to take notice. After all, who knows better than the president who's never held a job in the private sector and who has presided over highest level of Americans on (1) food stamps, (2) disability and (3) government assistance in history?

If the government had built this sand castle it would've been months late and cost millions. (Courtesy of our friends at ConservativeIntel.com.)

The president said the other day that his opponent's economic plan is a rehash of the past, and that doing things that don't work over and over again is insane. Never mind that lower tax rates and less government regulation has always worked; it is his massive taxing, spending, borrowing, debt accumulation and government intervention that has led to an insanely sick economy. His solution to the slop he's created? More taxing, spending, borrowing, debt accumulation and government intervention. But preposterous theories are instinctive to one who thinks it is government, not individuals, who are responsible for creating enterprises.

Compare Barack Obama's philosophy of government "helping" entrepreneurs to that of the most successful president of our lifetime:

The Great Communicator knew the nine most terrifying words in the English language. He also combated the scariest economic theory in the world.

The Obama economy can be characterized in three words: Layoffs and payoffs. It has produced the longest run in history of unemployment greater than eight percent while paying off campaign contributors by funneling taxpayer money to their failed businesses, such as Solyndra. That's government — uh, shall we say — at work for you. The only thing government builds when it strays from its core responsibilities is a record of incompetence that destroys the vibrancy and fabric of America.

Ford. Edison. Wright Brothers. Jobs. None would've been successful in the Age of Obama, unless they contributed to his campaign. (Courtesy, ConservativeIntel.com.)

Barack Obama may be a number of things. One who inspires his fellow citizens to be the best they can be is not one of them. Cheerleader for the collective, on the other hand, he excels at. Yes he does.