Today, I observed and took pictures from across the street as NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia held a rally outside Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s office. There were approximately 25 people in attendance. The purpose of NARAL’s rally, in their own words was to “show Attorney General Cuccinelli that his politics and agenda don’t match the values and priorities of the people of the commonwealth.” Today, several parts of Obamacare took effect — the part that NARAL was particularly excited about was that many women will now not pay a co-pay for birth control. This is yet another attempt of the federal government to normalize casual sex and encourage abortion as an acceptable solution to an unwanted pregnancy. And furthermore, what is the reason that many women won't pay a co-pay for birth control? That's right, you and me, taxpayers and business owners will now be paying for it regardless of their religious beliefs.

Protestors held signs and chanted “BC for me” (BC representing “birth control”) as they marched in front of Attorney General Cuccinelli’s office at the lunch hour. Virginia NARAL’s Executive Director Tarina Keene briefly addressed the crowd, but due to the traffic from the street, I was unfortunately unable to catch what was said. Signs held by the abortion protestors ranged from “Stop the War on Women” to “99% of all women use birth control” to “Ken Cuccinelli — don’t practice medicine without a license.”

Lacey Landry with Cooch Watch 2012, an upstart vulgar pro-abortion group, was also there amongst the protesters.

Here are some pictures from the event: