This is what we're fighting against:

If you think the secular left can't get any lower, think again. First it was the "your first time"  video from the Obama campaign, which likened a woman's first sexual experience with voting for Barack Obama. Now it's the Center for Reproductive Rights with this video celebrating Roe v. Wade and abortion on demand. Glenn Stanton is spot on with his analysis, especially with the observation of the creepily ironic and multiple use of the word "baby."

Also sad is the use of a black man, when the abortion industry, particularly Planned Parenthood, was founded to reduce the black population in America. It still locates a vast number of its abortion centers in minority neighborhoods. Stanton cites this quote:

Everything that was gained in the Civil Rights Movement means nothing to a dead black child.

The vulgarity of this sleazy video and the idea behind it, not to mention what it says about what pro-abortion leaders think of women, speaks more profoundly than any critical words. Stanton, again, sums it up: Kyrie elesison. (Lord have mercy.)