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When reports came back to me that showed abortion centers were filthy and incapable to deal with women who had emergencies, I wasn't surprised.

Inspectors found blood on tables, unsterilized equipment, old medicine and staff who were unable to identify equipment on the emergency crash cart!

Many rooms didn't even have doorways that were big enough to allow stretchers to go through them.

Vulnerable women who had abortions and had complications were victimized once again by the abortion industry and were left alone to suffer. This isn't a problem just in Virginia. Just the other day, a woman died after having an abortion who could have been saved if the right equipment were made available and a staff had cared for her well-being.

The Family Foundation knew we had to step in and clean-up these centers through government regulation because we cannot depend on the abortion industry to clean-up itself.

But when we began regulations to protect women, the abortion industry fought us with everything they've got and I think you'll want to see what happened with the video evidence that we have.

After you watch the video, please give me your thoughts!