Miracles do happen. Witness this: The Washington Post this morning editorialized in favor of the "Tebow Bill" after years of opposing it. Coincidentally, the bill, HB 1442, patroned by Delegate Rob Bell (R-58, Albermarle), will be in the Senate Education and Health Committee this Thursday (follow the link for committee members and their contact information). The committee vote is expected to be close. Will the Post's endorsement help the cause? Anything can happen at the General Assembly and it usually does. In fact, surprises are the norm. Not to have one would be the surprise.

Here's the telling sections from the Post's editorial:

It is clear, though, that the group entrusted with helping to make those determinations needs to revisit rules that have become too rigid. Local school districts that want to include home-schooled students are barred from even trying. ...

The bill . . . was improved this year to spell out that any decision about the participation of home-schooled students would be left strictly to local school boards. Even with that local option being made clear and other provisions to guard against abuses, the bill, faces an uphill battle in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

The current ban against home-schoolers is the result of long-standing policy set by the Virginia High School League, which governs interscholastic sports and other activities in Virginia's more than 300 high schools. ... No doubt the issues are complicated and, for many, emotional. But 26 other states have managed to allow home-schoolers to play sports, either by right or through local option, with apparent success. In Virginia, elementary and middle school students participate in public-school activities with no problems.

Alas, even as the Post, finally sees the merit in a common sense bill that we support, it engaged in wishful thinking, stating that the Democrats control the Senate.  But we'll trade that for another miracle Thursday.