Although we disagree with former Virginia Health Commissioner Dr. Karen Remley, we appreciate her honesty. Dr. Remley, you may recall, resigned her position last fall because she did not agree with the Board of Health's adoption of the proposed abortion center safety standards. Yesterday, she was the star witness, so to speak, of those who oppose the safety standards, at the Board of Health public comment forum in Western Henrico County. (It will have another public comment forum in Alexandria on March 12.) An unofficial count showed that pro-life speakers were in the majority by about a 1.5 to 1 ratio. But Dr. Remley, a Tim Kaine appointee, was the star and the Mainstream Media accommodated that headline, which is to be expected. But after the forum adjourned, she granted Richmond station WTVR-TV/CBS6 an interview. When asked which side of the abortion debate she fell, she wouldn't say. Instead of labeling herself "pro-life" or "pro-choice" she said:

What I am is, pro-government.

That's not even code. We clearly know where she stands and that's fine and admirable. Ironically, this "pro-government" former official doesn't want the government involved, at least not much, in abortion center safety.

Other pro-abortion speakers brought up retreaded arguments, such as the safety standards violate Virginia Code concerning architectural requirements for existing industries, forgetting, as usual, that abortion centers are not licensed and, as such, the Code exempts them from such grandfathering. In other words, they are treated as new because they are not licensed. (The too bad irony: The abortion industry defeated attempts for years to require simple licensure.)

A favorite canard abortion industry supporters brought up was that we need to follow "science" and not politics. Another strange comment considering science has nothing to do with safety standards, life saving equipment, training, clean instruments, facilities and the like. But if they do want to talk science, we'll be glad to talk science because the science increasingly shows that it is a human inside the woman. Darn those ultrasounds!

While Dr. Remley may have been honest about her personal position, she unfortunately mimicked the rather base, rote argument concerning Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, claiming he's pushing his personal agenda. Wait a minute! You mean a politician tells the electorate where he stands on an issue, gets elected and pursues that issue? Talk about honesty. He's even more upfront than she is.

But don't all politicians pursue a personal agenda in that they run for office to either further or change a policy with which they either agree or disagree? Okay, maybe not all. Some try to "moderate" their image to obfuscate which direction they lean, or some may actually campaign on doing one thing then do the opposite. That's why it was nice to see Dr. Remley at least admit she was "pro-government." She, and the pro-abortion side should be at least as respectful to Mr. Cuccinelli.

Here's Dr. Remely in her own words:

Who's being more honest here? Dr. Remely or Attorney General Cuccinelli?