We need you to attend two critical Board of Health meetings on March 7 and March 12. Here's why:

We're trying to clean-up the abortion industry after we discovered that abortion centers were filthy and incapable to deal with women who had emergencies. Inspectors found blood on tables, unsterilized equipment, old medicine and staff who were unable to identify equipment on the emergency crash cart! Many rooms didn't even have doorways that were big enough to allow stretchers to go through them.

You would think pro-abortionists would unite with us on this issue, but they're fighting us with everything they've got. They want to keep their abortion centers out of the sights of health inspectors and the law.

Here's their strategy:

Pro-abortionists are intimidating policy makers to change pro-life laws and laws that protect women by protesting and taking over policy-makers''meetings. You saw them in the video I posted yesterday. It shows pro-abortionists carrying signs, chanting and screaming vulgarities at policy-makers, and even flooding the small meeting room with "angry" protesters.

Make no mistake, their strategy has an impact:

At one Board of Health meeting, there were only a few pro-lifers present. The safety standards that the legislature passed to clean up abortion centers were nearly gutted because of the aggressiveness of the protesters!

But I know how to stop it while protecting our laws and values: pro-lifers need to show up and counter their presence with prayerful truth and light.

At the second Board of Health meeting, The Family Foundation brought a large crowd of pro-lifers with us. When the Board of Health voted on the safety standards, we won! We protected the law for cleaner and safer health care for women!

Now we must do this again as the Board of Health has yet a third meeting on these important new rules that protect women. This meeting is designed to obtain public comments on the safety standards and we must be represented. We can't afford to be silent or else a small, but vocal, pro-abortion group will drown out our voice and tear down our pro-life laws through theatrics!

Will you commit to showing up and expanding our presence on March 7 at 1:00 p.m. at the Virginia Department of Health in Henrico? Or, will you commit to attending the other meeting for public comments on March 12 at 1:00 p.m. at the John Marshall Public Library in Alexandria. You can find directions and times by clicking and following this link.

Please commit to be with me right now, even if it's the first time you've ever attended a pro-life rally. And bring your church, family and friends with you! We come too far and waited too long to get these long overdue standards in place, and have too much to lose if we don't show up.

Please visit our FAQ to learn more. It will answer many of the questions you might have, including directions and times.

Then, please contact Roger Pogge (roger@familyfoundation.org) to tell him that you've committed to being there. He is coordinating our presence and can answer any questions you might have, especially if you've never attended a pro-life rally or state agency board hearing.

I look forward to meeting you as we march to protect clean health care for women!

Above: Pro-life supporters express the consistency that is at the heart of the Culture of Life at last summer's Board of Health meeting. Above, right: Insight into the secular mind: humans over God. Click either image for more information about the upcoming Board of Health public comment hearings.