Abortions kill babies. As horrific as that is, the tragedies don't stop there. As much as feminists, secularists and other assorted leftists ignore the fact or even assert otherwise, the mother lives a nightmare the rest of her life. Going against all human instinct to kill one's own baby is a psychological and spiritual trauma that hangs an unbearable burden on the mother for life. Even less recognized is the anguish wrought on the fathers of abortion victims. Sometimes the abortion is done without consulting the father. Other times, they are blindsided by the mothers who make the decision without discussing it with the father, depriving him of the chance to raise a child. That's what allegedly happened recently in Norfolk, where a woman, with the help of a former abortion center employee, is accused of inducing an abortion from a concoction of over-the-counter products — except the baby was born alive and left to die (see Steven Ertelt at LifeNews.com). The baby was six months old. Virginia law classifies self-induced abortions as a Class 4 felony that carries a 2-10 year prison sentence and up to $100,000 in fines.

The baby’s father, John Jones of Georgia, shared his story about how he looked forward to raising his child. He even told Norfolk television station WTKR that he would have raised it alone if necessary, but the mother never told him of her abortion plans. In fact, he believes she lied to him:

“She told me that he died of natural causes. Now I’m hearing that my son could have been purposely killed. It may have just been to me but he’s still special,” adding he believes his former girlfriend should go to prison if convicted.

The unspoken victims: Fathers of aborted babies.
Abortion is anything but victimless. It harms not only physically, but also spiritually, everyone who is involved, including (as glib as they may be about it) the abortionists themselves. But the victims, as inhuman as the underlying act is, involve not one, not even two; but always three.