Louisiana Senator Elbert Guillory, a black Catholic who voted for Barack Obama in 2008, recently changed his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican (see LayCatholics.org). Make no mistake about his credentials. He is a devout Christian — a member of the Knights of Columbus and Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre — who decided that philosophy of life and principle trumps politics. In that vein, he decided a check of the box at the registrar's office and a news release wasn't enough. Instead, he released a video (see below) with an eloquent statement explaining his switch. So eloquent, in fact, in three days the video has received more than 425,000 views on YouTube and is being hailed as a conservative manifesto of sorts (see Matthew Clark at BearingDrift.com and RedState.com). Below is an excerpt regarding freedom and how liberalism limits it with its insatiable quest for control disguised as charity:

You see, at the heart of liberalism is the idea that only a great and powerful big government can be the benefactor of social justice for all Americans. But the left is only concerned with one thing — control. And they disguise this control as charity. Programs such as welfare, food stamps, these programs aren't designed to lift black Americans out of poverty. They were always intended as a mechanism for politicians to control the black community.

The idea that blacks, or anyone for that matter, need the government to get ahead in life is despicable. And even more important, this idea is a failure. Our communities are just as poor as they've always been. Our schools continue to fail children. Our prisons are filled with young black men who should be at home being fathers. Our self-initiative and our self-reliance have been sacrificed in exchange for allegiance to our overseers who control us by making us dependent on them. . . .

The idea of freedom is complex and it is all-encompassing. It's the idea that the economy must remain free of government persuasion. It's the idea that the press must operate without government intrusion. And it's the idea that the e-mails and phone records of Americans should remain free from government search and seizure. It's the idea that parents must be the decision makers in regards to their children's education — not some government bureaucrat.

But most importantly, it is the idea that the individual must be free to pursue his or her own happiness free from government dependence and free from government control. Because to be truly free is to be reliant on no one other than the author of our destiny. These are the ideas at the core of the Republican Party, and it is why I am a Republican.

 Reliance on none other than the author of our destiny.

Senator Guillory is the latest prominent Democrat elected official, from a demographic group(s) associated with the Democrat coalition, to switch parties of late. Last year, former Congressman and Democrat nominee for governor of Alabama Artur Davis, also black and now a Virginia resident, switched parties. America has a growing list of prominent minorities willing to articulate conservative principles and call out the fallacies of liberalism, including U.S. Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, former Congressman Allen West of Florida, Dr. Ben Carson and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. The clarion call of foundational principles is resonating throughout America's minority communities because its beauty is robed in the splendor of universal truth — that government cannot substitute for God and that He alone is author of our destiny. Spokesmen such as Senator Guillory only speed up the day when the majority of mislead voters come home to these principles.