Democrat candidate for governor Terry McAuliffe can't seem to escape questions about the dubious GreenTech car company he founded (which he promised would create hundreds of Virginia jobs, only to locate the plant in Mississippi). Not only does the enterprise seem to be a dubious "investment" at best, it also has been linked to a visa-for-payment scandal that the Department of Homeland Security now is investigating.

Ryan Nobles of NBC12 in Richmond is one of the few in the mainstream media making an attempt at sorting through the numerous misdirections laid out by the McAuliffe campaign. Here is a special report that aired on NBC12 last night and as well as some follow-up and background on this post at Nobles' Decision Virginia blog. In it, a former employee said he and his colleagues, who were producing cars by the dozen although promised there would be work to produce them by the thousands, were told to "put on a show" for potential investors and act as if they were busy on the assembly line.

Complicating matters for McAuliffe is that he partnered with Anthony Rodham (brother of former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton) in an alleged money-for-visas scheme for certain foreign nationals, including a Chinese executive known to have ties to the Chinese national security apparatus, and who would not have otherwise been allowed one. This has all came to light in the confirmation hearings of the Obama Administration's nominee for the second-in-command post at the Department of Homeland Security, who previously ran the department McAuliffe and Rodham approached to secure the visas. He seems to be singing about McAuliffe in order to save his appointment and has launched an investigation into the ordeal. Here's more at the Washington Post.