Virginians will soon have the opportunity to help their government right a previous wrong. Governor Bob McDonnell recently approved proposed regulations that would restrict the use of restraints on pregnant inmates during labor and delivery. The next step in the process is a 60-day public comment period starting today. An unlikely coalition has come together to support the new regulations (see the joint news release issued earlier today). Advocates for protecting these pregnant women include the ACLU of Virginia, The Virginia Council of Churches, The Virginia Interfaith Center, Prison Fellowship, and many other organizations. This is not a partisan issue; promoting the health and well-being of a pregnant mother and her unborn child is an issue everyone can fight for. The use of restraints on pregnant women during labor and delivery is both inhumane and endangers the two lives involved. These proposed regulations will be a step towards providing more civilized conditions in jails and correctional facilities for expecting mothers.

Join the Family Foundation in helping to ensure that all lives are treated with dignity by visiting the public comment website between today and September 27 to encourage the Board of Corrections to approve and implement these new regulations.

Admin’s note: This blog post was written by Maggie McKneely, one of our 2013 summer college interns.