The abortion industry continues to claim the need for Virginia's newly adopted permanent abortion center safety standards are unnecessary and a cumbersome imposition on a legal industry — and every time it complains, another house of horror comes to light. During the same month it initiated a legal action to delay its compliance with state mandated safety standards the Falls Church Women's Healthcare abortion center caused a patient severe suffering. reported this week that on June 27 a woman required emergency ambulance transportation from the notorious abortion center to a local hospital. The patient, a 24-year old woman, suffered from hyperventilation following anesthesia.

The emergency call was prioritized as "advanced life support,” indicative of a serious condition, rather than "basic life support." The ALS designation and the fact that the patient was hospitalized leaves open the possibility that she suffered from more serious conditions than hyperventilation. Pro-life activists obtained a transcript of the 911 call, which can be found here.

A Fairfax County ambulance responds to call for a patient in need of emergency treatment because of failed treatment at the Falls Church Women's Healthcare abortion center.

Avoiding hyperventilation from the administration of anesthesia sounds pretty routine, but considering the unsanitary and unprofessional condition of this abortion center, it shouldn't come as a surprise that any procedure has a substantial chance of failure. For example, an announced Virginia Department of Health inspection of the abortion center last year, under the previous temporary safety standards, uncovered a train of failures (63 pages worth) that required correction, including:

  » No emergency "incident tray" in one procedure room

» Bloody, reused vacutainer holders

» Dried blood on leg support of procedure table

» Bloody door and wall outside procedure room

» Cloth leg covers reused for multiple patients

» Dirty recovery recliners

» Improperly washed linens that could spread infection

  » Contamination of pathology containers with blood from physician’s gloves

» Undated, open vials of medication

  » Expired supplies, including an emergency IV line that expired in 2003

  » Failure to maintain equipment

  » No process for STD screening and reporting

» No policy for reporting patient deaths

Until the landmark 2011 legislation that created first, the temporary standards, then the permanent ones adopted earlier this year, simple inspections like the one that documented this filth never occurred. Eerily, the abortion center filed a legal challenge to Virginia's safety standards just 17 days before the incident. Doing so allowed it to continue to remain open for business when it otherwise would've faced sanctions for its violations. It demonstrates the abortion industry's all out determination to secure its profit, no matter what, at the expense of unsuspecting women who have been led to believe abortions are no big deal, even a good thing.

Here is the ambulance's arrival as caught on video by pro-life activists.

No conscience: The Falls Church abortion center was fighting the necessity of complying with safety standards while maintaining grossly substandard conditions and putting its patients at risk.