The abortion industry and, specifically, Planned Parenthood constantly make the claim that abortion center safety standards will close down these "women health facilities" and deprive women of a whole range of health services, including cancer screenings and contraception — which, if we had more of, would reduce abortions. So Planned Parenthood says. The fact is, of course, that the safety standards only apply to facilities that perform abortions. If Planned Parenthood is so concerned about cancer screenings, it could set up a legitimate women's health clinic and provide those tests without coming under the code section requiring the safety standards for abortion centers. It also could hand out condoms like candy if it wanted to. But there's a problem: Planned Parenthood doesn't live up to its "women's health" hyperbole.

As you can see from this easy-to-read, easy-to-share, information-filled image from our friends at Susan B. Anthony List, it performed a record high number of abortions in 2011. Yet, for all its braggadocio about its humanitarian doings, its contraceptive services dropped 12 percent since 2009. In addition, its cancer screening services dropped 29 percent since the same year. These statistics make for some compelling conclusions when one connects them.

It's clear that Planned Parenthood looks out only for its own self-interest, which is profit, and the way to secure that profit is to create a market for itself — unwanted pregnancies. It promises contraception, but doesn't deliver, while at the same time encouraging sexual behavior, especially among those who should least be engaged in it — the young and unmarried. It's claim of reduced capability to provide "women's health" services in light of Virginia's new abortion center safety standards is nothing more than crying wolf since it is providing less non-abortion services on its own accord. Meanwhile, its reduced cancer screenings prove how much it truly cares about "women's health"  . . . as long as the women are healthy enough to survive their abortions.



That's some care for women's health: Planned Parenthood's desire to provide cancer screenings is directly in proportion to how many abortions it can provide instead.