The limited role and jurisdiction of government is clearly prescribed in our Constitution and should therefore be restrained from excessive involvement in the lives of citizens.

On July 4, 1776, the United States of America was founded upon the Christian principles of liberty and justice, which require clear limits on government power, and we have a responsibility to maintain these tenets set up by our Founding Fathers. Our government was created to manage certain aspects of American life, but other aspects were distinctly left to individuals, families, churches, and private organizations. The size and scope of government and how government spends our money are a direct reflection of the values government endorses and the priority it holds.

The Family Foundation seeks to limit government to the areas over which it has Constitutional jurisdiction – areas like public safety and infrastructure. The burden of an expanded government on hard-working, tax-paying families has grown too large and is threatening the stability of both our economy and our government.

What we are doing:

  • Reducing Taxes | The tax burden is too high. New taxes would threaten economic growth and diminish the spending power of working families. To decrease the size of government, we must decrease its revenue capacity.

  • Increasing Transparency | Too much of what state government spends and how the state budget is crafted is done outside the watchful eye of the public. More transparency must be brought to the budget production process and state government spending.

Our victories:

  • Property Rights Constitutional Amendment

  • Protected Free Speech on College Campuses

  • Outlawed River Boat Gambling

  • Pro-Family Welfare Reform

  • Defeated Regional Sales Tax Referenda

  • Began Phasing Out the Car Tax

  • Limited the Amount and Frequency of Payday Loans

  • Protected Private Property Rights with Eminent Domain Reform

  • Budget Transparency by placing State Budget Expenditures Online

  • Health Care Freedom Act

  • Banned Gambling at Internet Cafes