From Beginning to End

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What does being “pro-life” really mean?

America it seems has turned the phrase “pro-life” into little more than a simple political stance on abortion.  

But you and I realize that being pro-life is far more than a political bumper sticker or slogan.  It’s a way of life that values human life at every stage.  Today, I’m excited to announce a new Family Foundation campaign, “From Beginning to End.”  This campaign is meant to remind us what we’re called to do as Christians when we decide that we are pro-life – that we would be pro-life from beginning to end.

From the first time you hear an unborn baby’s heartbeat until those last final days spent with a dying parent or loved one, each season of life, and everything in between, holds priceless value.

It’s clear that our culture has lost a deep respect for the value of human life.  It’s time to reevaluate and become proactive in our comprehensive understanding of being pro-life.

Pro-life Americans are often accused of not caring about anything but the baby, but that’s another lie of our culture.  We know that there are more pregnancy centers helping women through an unplanned pregnancy by providing resources and support than there are abortion centers.  We know that churches and ministries across America pour vast resources into helping vulnerable communities every single day, including facilitating adoptions and assisting in foster care for thousands.  

But we also know that we can and we must do more. 

Being pro-life means more of us must be praying for an unwed mother facing an unplanned pregnancy;  it means more of us must volunteer at or donate to the local pregnancy center that is doing all it can to help that mother meet her financial and material needs so she’ll choose life; it means lending a helping hand when that baby is screaming while the pastor is preaching, and that young mother is craving God’s Word; it means that we follow up with that couple and ask if they need diapers or a babysitter to sit for free a few nights a week so that both of those kids, who are now parents, can get their GED or go to college.

This kind of care is pro-life. One must not be only supportive of the existence of their baby, but lend actual support to the parent's well-being, their joy and hope. One is pro-life when he/she joins another on their journey, and privilege of bringing new life into the world.

For some families, being pro-life means a willingness to be foster parents to an orphaned child or for a child whose family is in crisis; it's supporting the plethora of faith-based organizations that assist with foster care and adoption; it means supporting and fighting for the religious charities that serve vulnerable communities like the homeless or victims of domestic violence.

Being pro-life means taking dinner to the elderly widow in your church whose husband has passed and who now sits alone in her house just waiting for her time to come. It means that one shows her the love of Christ and values her opinion and thoughts. Do we love her? Listen to her, or take her out for a night on the town so she feels young again, and not alone? How do we value her life?

Being pro-life means that one is generous and supportive of the middle-aged couple that can never seem to get ahead in their finances and always seems to struggle.  Can we feel the hopelessness in their life, the tension it creates in their marriage?  Are we as a “pro-life” community watching them drown? Do we pray for them or treat them to dinner? Watch their kids for a night? Or maybe even use our contracting businesses to help with home repairs they can’t finance?

This campaign is a call to encourage everyone to consider how we define being pro-life.  Are we comprehensively pro-life?  Does our support inadvertently stop after the baby is born? Or do we continue to love people with the love of Christ in every season of their life?

At The Family Foundation, we want to lead Virginians to be pro-life “From Beginning to End.”  Every stage and season; every breath taken and every heartbeat is so important.  We have to remind ourselves and each other to fight to restore lost hope and lost relationship with Christ.

Jesus gave his life, so that we may have life and have it more abundantly. (John 10:10)

We must protect life “From Beginning to End.”

The Family Foundation has put together a campaign encouraging all of us to think about ways we can be pro-life “From Beginning to End.”  Many you can do individually or through your church or another local ministry.  There are also a few ways you can help us as we kick-off this campaign:

  1. Become a monthly donor of just $15.00 dollars a month or give a one-time donation of $25.00 and receive one of our Special Edition, “From Beginning to End T-Shirts”.
  2. Create a video or social media post sharing why you’re pro-life. Be sure to tag The Family Foundation and use the hashtag #frombeginningtoend.
  3. Go to The Family Foundation Action Facebook page, watch and share one of our #frombeginningtoend videos.
  4. Invite Family Foundation President Victoria Cobb to speak at your church about the great work The Family Foundation is doing.
  5. Join the Family Foundation’s new grassroots Regional Action Teams and see where you can make a difference!