Gene Painter

Director of Ministry Relations

Raised in a Christian home, a love of God, family and country were indelibly etched into the fabric of who Gene Painter is. His parents were both active in their church; his most cherished memories as a wee little tyke were those from Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Royal Ambassadors and Youth Choir. He attributes this upbringing and the foundation of faith his parents instilled as the basis for his activism as an adult.

In 1984, he cast his first presidential ballot for the re-election of Ronald Reagan. [Pause as all readers perform some quick arithmetic to figure out Gene’s age]. He wasn’t motivated by the rhetoric of campaigns but rather his desire to provide a voice for the unborn – a passion that the true nature of his advocacy today. “Life,” Gene says, “endowed by our Creator, is the genesis of each and every freedom.”

Fast forward a couple years and that young man grew into The Family Foundation’s Ministry Outreach Director for Eastern Virginia. A resident of Virginia Beach and member of London Bridge Baptist Church, Gene is driven by the truth that God, and God alone, is the remedy for what ails our country. A message of Biblical Truth must resound from our pulpits for our nation to again experience a “Great Awakening”.

Gene’s job with The Family Foundation is to interact with ministry leaders and churches in that region of the Commonwealth, learn about their missions and foster partnerships with The Family Foundation. He strives to be a resource for our clergy and support them in any way he possibly can. Gene considers himself blessed to call many pastors a “friend” and finds it a true pleasure to learn about their ministries and their efforts to be the “hand-and-heart of Christ to their communities.”

Always the dedicated servant to The Family Foundation’s mission, there is perhaps no better example of Gene’s sacrifices than a story from the summer of 2013. Gene braved the drive from Virginia Beach to Richmond and oppressive, 90 degree heat, to meet with local pastors…at the Redskins training camp. However, finding creative opportunities for fellowship doesn’t stop with Gene’s favorite (recently decreed “offensively named”) sports team. Gene regularly meets with motorcycle ministries to expand The Family Foundation’s relationship with Christians from all walks of life.