TFF Regional Engagement Teams

Our Regional Engagement Teams are essential to ensure that we have the organization we need to keep the pressure on legislators to protect the issues that matter most.

Last year we introduced our TFF Regional Engagement Teams! Covering all the major regions of Virginia, these teams are made up of awesome volunteers who will lead in defending and preserving life, marriage, parental authority, religious liberty and constitutional government. They will work directly with The Family Foundation’s grassroots and policy departments to help us carry out that mission even further. We will provide the training, support, and materials needed for the Engagement Teams to build a successful chapter in your area. 

The Engagement Teams are divided into the following 8 strategic regions of Virginia: Southwest, The Valley, Northern VA, Central VA, Southside VA, Capital Region, Chesapeake Bay Region and the Tidewater Region. We will need to fill each of the positions below in each region! 

The time is NOW and we need YOU! 

Once you determine the role you want to play in a Family Foundation's Regional Action team, click the link below and join the fight!

We are so excited to welcome you to the new Grassroots Regional Engagement Teams! 


Regional Engagement Ambassador (REA):

This position (REA) will serve as a leader of a regional TFF chapter. The REA will help spread the mission and values of TFF in their area. This person will be responsible for leading and organizing the efforts of each role on the leadership team of their chapter. It is the duty of the REA to build and promote their regional chapter. Additionally, he or she will also develop relationships with local businesses that are Christian or Conservative to support the chapter and TFF. In this role, the REA will work directly with the Grassroots Coordinator on efforts and events in the region.

  • Recruiting members

  • Fundraising

  • Participating in Campaigns

  • Finding Christian Businesses and building relationships

  • Filling other roles

  • Keep calendar

  • Must attend Richmond training

  • Prefer to be connected on FB & social media

  • Attend weekly conference calls

  • Pray for TFF and efforts.

  • Work with local CIT’s to hold a monthly prayer meeting

Public Relations Liaison(PR):

The objective of the role of a PR is to promote all TFF activities and issues in the region by advertising upcoming events with the local newspapers, local radio, churches communication tools, and more.  They will be responsible for taking photos and sending into headquarters for use as well as posting in social media accounts of their own. The PR will also help find individuals who will write Letters to the Editor in their community newspapers throughout the year.

  • Build relationship with local newspapers

  • Find like-minded journalists or news stations, radio stations etc.

  • Join in and lead Letter to Editor Efforts

  • Advertise local events

  • Take and send photos

  • Sharing on Social Media

  • Follow social media and efforts of opposite groups

  • Recruit folks to join TFF social media

Church Relations Coordinators (CRC):

The Church Liaison will coordinate TFF activities with the local churches in their region. This person will help build Culture Impact Teams (CIT’s) at different churches (though the CIT’s will work directly with Grassroots Coordinator) and will coordinate prayer and church events in their area. They will help build relationships with churches on behalf of TFF.

  • Meet with Pastors in region

  • Build relationships with Church Leaders

  • Find conservative members of local groups who can start CIT’s

  • Promote speaking engagements for Victoria at churches

School Board Liaison (SBL):

This position will monitor the local school board by attending meetings and building relationships with members of the School Board.  The SB will keep TFF updated on local battles relating to TFF’s five principles. This role is ideal for a parent of students attending local schools but may be filled by any interested and capable person. This person will keep the REA aware of any decisions or votes that are relative to TFF issues and values. 

  • Connect with conservative parents in region

  • Connect those same parents and families to TFF

  • Build relationships school board members

  • Recruit for important school board meetings

  • Support like-minded school board members on behalf of TFF

Local Government Liaison (LGL):

This position will monitor the local board of supervisors by attending meetings and developing relationships with members of the Board of supervisors.  The LGL will keep TFF updated on local battles relating to TFF’s five principles.   This person will keep the RAA aware of any decisions or votes that are relative to TFF issues and values. 

  • Connect with conservative leaders in region (any like-minded organizations, grassroots leaders, etc.)

  • Build relationships with like-minded supervisors

  • Recruit for important Board of Supervisor meetings

  • Support like-minded Supervisors on behalf of TFF

College Coordinators (CC):

This student who attends a local university/college will represent and raise awareness of TFF and its five principles on campus, in some cases by bringing in TFF speakers.  He or she will keep the REA updated on current university issues relative to TFF.  These CCs should be loosely connected to other conservative or Christian groups on campus such as Intervarsity, Students for Life or the Federalist Club.  

The CC will help build TFF influence in their region through their university.

  • Recruit like-minded college students to join the chapter

  • Fundraising for TFF

  • Participating in Campaigns

  • Finding Christian & like-minded professors and building relationships

  • Keep calendar of events on campus relative to TFF

  • Get connected on FB & social media and recruit others to get connected as well.

  • Join with other like-minded groups and assist in their efforts

  • Recruit for Worldview Academy

  • Recruit for internship at TFF

  • Create TFF relative events on your campus

  • Help recruit churches & CIT’s to participate with monthly prayer meetings

Pro-Life Liaison (PL):

The Prolife Liaison will build relationships with pregnancy centers in their region as well as develop a partnership between the centers and the chapter for the purpose of coordinating prayer and community events. He or she will update TFF with any needs the Pregnancy center may have and assist when possible. This position will also continuously pray for abortion centers in the region. 

  • Connect with and keep TFF updated on all Pregnancy Centers as well as their Directors, leaders etc.

  • Assist pregnancy centers with tasks, needs etc. on behalf of TFF

  • Keep track of all abortion centers and their Directors, leaders etc.

  • Keep track of all PP events and plans in region. Keep TFF updated so we can pray, oppose etc.

Culture Impact Team Leader (CITL):

A CITL is a person who starts a Culture Impact Team through his or her local church. The Culture Impact Team is a ministry within the church body which serves to educate, equip and encourage members of that body to support and defend the Judeo-Christian worldview in the public arena. This person will equip their pastor and the congregation with everything needed to stay civically engaged and to be a strong voice for family values. 

  • Distribute Annual TFF General Assembly Report Cards

  • Distribute TFF Voter Guides

  • Assist in making sure church members are registered to vote in Virginia & possibly facilitate process

  • Engage in Team Timothy Prayer

  • Recruit new Family Foundation Activists

  • Recruit new ministry leaders within the CIT such as Marriage Communication Leader, Help & Healing Courses, Adoption/Foster Care, Home-school Community etc.

  • Work with Regional Action Ambassador to stay connected to TFF & other local churches.

Note: We advise that every church have a Family Foundation Culture Impact Team....